Privacy Policy & Terms

Welcome to simplebacklink, the online platform that allows you to submit your website and generate instant Do-Follow backlinks. These backlinks are not only beneficial for your website’s health but also for your business. To access all these features, simply follow the simple rules listed below. Please note that free listed websites can be deleted without notice within 1 or 2 weeks.

Our Rules and Guidelines:

  1. No Adult or Illegal Content: SimpleBacklink does not accept any adult sites or adult-related content. Posting such content may result in the blocking of your IP address. We also strictly prohibit illegal sites that contain copyright infringement, violence, fraud, or any form of illegal activities. Violations of these guidelines will result in the immediate removal of your listing from our site, and your IP may be blocked by our system.
  2. No Illegal Activities: We do not allow the submission of illegal sites such as those featuring child pornography, racism, vulgarity, warez, or pharmaceuticals like Viagra.
  3. Maintain Working Websites: Only working websites are acceptable for listing on SimpleBacklink. If your website remains non-functional for more than two months, we will remove your site link, even if it is a premium link.
  4. Genuine Email Address: We respect your privacy and never share your email publicly. However, we require a genuine email address for communication purposes and to send you important notices regarding your listing.
  5. Quality Description: Please provide a quality description of your website or business. Your description should be a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 100 words. We use this description as the meta description along with your business/website, which helps in optimizing your website on search engines.
  6. Premium and Free Listing: For premium listings, you are allowed to include up to two links in the content box. However, free listings do not allow any links.
  7. Payment and Refunds: We do not offer refunds in any case. If you encounter any difficulties while submitting your website through our online portal, you can contact us via WhatsApp, email, or the contact form for assistance.
  8. Ontime payment means your website will be published as much as life of, and you don’t have to renew or pay again for your list.

Please note that SimpleBacklink reserves the right to edit or remove your website listing description if it does not adhere to our terms and policies. We also reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade website listing charges at any time.

By submitting your website to SimpleBacklink, you indicate your acceptance of all our terms and policies.

Get Started with SimpleBacklink : Unlock the power of instant Do-Follow backlinks by submitting your website to SimpleBacklink today. Follow our guidelines, and watch your website’s visibility and rankings soar. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp, email, or the contact form. We’re here to help you maximize your online presence.

Please remember that by using SimpleBacklink, you agree to comply with all our terms and policies.